• There are over 15 million gay consumers in the US alone.
  • Over 70 billion dollars is spent on travel by gays and lesbians in the U.S. alone each year.
  • LGBT users spend 57% more time online than their straight counterparts.
  • Gay and Lesbian consumers rely upon third party sites to actively research whether a company is gay-friendly.
  • 58% of LGBT adults were more likely “to purchase products and services from companies that market directly to gays and lesbians.”
  • LGBT community trusts our brand and those businesses who partner with us.
  • Gay men and lesbians spend twice as much on dining out.
  • 71% of gays and lesbians dine out at least twice a week.
  • 83% of gays and lesbians attended or graduated from college.
  • Median HH Income of $83,000 for gay men and $80,000 for lesbians.
  • 85% of gay men and 85% of lesbians said that advertising in gay media favorably. influences their decision to purchase products or do business with a company.
  • 61 % of gay men and 69% of lesbians own their own homes.
  • 61% of gay men and 83% of lesbians have a pet.


  • WeAreGayFriendly.com receives 55,000+ hits per month, GayTravelinformation.com receives 75,000+ hits per month and Gaytravelpros.com receives over 1 million hits per year. Advertisers reach over a million LGBT consumers each year through our combination of web sites, social media sites, email newsletters, pride events, published articles and more.
  • Audience demographics: Gender 63% male, 37% female. Average age 40-50 years. Average household income: $80,000-$100,000. Education level: 74% hold at least a college degree.
  • We own some of the most popular web site addresses including: wearegayfriendly.com, wearegayowned.com, gaytravelinformation.com, gaytravelpros.com, gayrecognized.com, gayskitrips.com, gayskiweeks.com, newenglandgaywedding.com, rhodeislandgaywedding.com, and more.
  • Eighty percent of our site visitors are either “Likely” or “Very Likely” to visit our site again.
  • Over 80% of all searches are done on Bing.com and Google.com.
  • Your exposure continues beyond wearegayfriendly.com through social media and LGBT partner sites. Receive social media promotion of businesses on Facebook and Twitter including special offers, events and news. Newsletters sent to subscribers. Reviews spotlighting your business on gaytravelinformation.com which are posted to social media sites. Articles are often submitted to such media outlets as San Diego Gay & Lesbian News, Washington Blade, TravelGAYZETTE and more.
  • All businesses reviewed will receive our “stamp of approval” and be “OUTED” as LGBT  friendly.
  • Additional partnership opportunities are available including: Co-marketing at local prides and other events; Joint events such as cocktail parties and receptions; Video reviews of properties; Joint Promotions and Giveaways and more.
  • WeAreGayFriendly.com, Gaytravelpros.com and Gaytravelinformation.com is run by Out & About Travel, one of the most trusted online resources for LGBT travel. Over a million site visitors rely on gaytravelpros.com and gaytravelinformation.com for information on LGBT owned and friendly businesses.


  • Access to loyal community that continues to outspend general population on travel.
  • Third party seal-of-approval and verification for LGBT travelers looking for gay friendly businesses.
  • Exposure throughout the web and social media to LGBT community.

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Pricing Information:

$99 – Basic Listing, does not include banner ad on front page or promotion throughout the year on social media sites.

$250 – Standard listing, includes: Banner ad on front page, full listing including business summary, photos, business name, address, web site, phone number; Promotion on social media sites throughout the year reaching 25,000+ followers; Listing as a preferred supplier of We Are Gay Friendly + Gay Travel Information.

$700 – Deluxe listing, includes: Banner ad on front page of both Gay Travel Information + We Are Gay Friendly; Article spotlighting business to be posted on Gay Travel Information; Promotion on social media sites throughout the year reaching 25,000+ followers; Listing as a preferred supplier of We Are Gay Friendly + Gay Travel

Information; Email spotlights reaching 40,000+ subscribers.


Join the hundreds of businesses all over the world who have partnered with us to increase business by marketing their gay friendly business to the LGBT community.

We are your complete resource in marketing your business to gay travelers.