Allen Financial Insurance Group – Special Event Insurance

Each year we insure thousands of special events whether it’s a birthday party, anniversary or baby shower, family reunion, or even Hip-Hop and Rock Concerts. Organizing a thoughtful event requires meticulous planning, not to mention a lot of energy. Unfortunately, you can’t plan everything and unforeseen occurrences like extreme weather, accidents, or illness could very well leave you in an uncomfortable position. So whether you’re planning an event for yourself or close family member, insurance for events can minimize your responsibility and loss if you face an unavoidable setback.

We offer the broadest special event insurance coverage at the most competitive prices in the industry. Our policy guarantee is backed by forty years of experience in the entertainment insurance industry.

With an event insurance policy from AFIG, you’re covered for non-refundable deposits, cancellation fees, and even injury or liability from accidents during your event.

Special Event Liability Insurance is ideal for private events, corporate/business events, and other group gatherings like non-profit fundraisers. It helps safeguard your investment so you don’t lose deposits, incur additional expenses, or suffer liabilities.

Call us to discuss your insurance needs with our entertainment insurance experts and get an immediate quote today or go on-line for a Quick Quote  a few minutes could save you hundreds of dollars.  Our knowledgeable staff and preferred policies provide unparalleled protection for thousands of events, entertainers and venues throughout the world.

As a national broker we have access to many of the major insurance companies in the United States. As a national general agent we regularly quote, bind and issue your policy on the same day! Our comprehensive insurance portfolio gives you the ability to combine broad property, liability, automobile, and umbrella coverage in one A rated policy!

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