Bodega on Smith – Providence, RI

This is not your average deli.

Located in downtown Providence, Bodega on Smith (BOS) prides itself on gourmet sandwiches, craft cocktails, a vegan friendly menu and welcomes all with open-arms.
“Bodegas were places where friends and neighbors would meet up to socialize.” – Carlos Sanabria BOS is local staple for day and night. When the sun sets, the deli turns into one of the city’s only speakeasies through its hidden deli entrance, where guests can enjoy an Instagram worthy craft cocktail, live entertainment, dinner and new experiences
This is what influenced the framework of Bodega at Night. Inspired by the cultural and community connection, Bodega at Night fuses todays modern bar and lounge scene with the historical charm and culture that created many beloved neighborhood bodegas. BOS recently expanded outdoors with a newly renovated patio and outdoor entertainment and event space and takes small and large volume catering orders. To learn more visit: