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Wine Lodge is open 7 days a week

June to September: 11am – 6pm

October to May: 11am – 5:30pm


“After driving every road in Niagara for two and a half years, we would always come back to the Beamsville location we saw early on.” – The Fieldings

As soon as the Fieldings discovered the gentle green slopes of the Beamsville Bench, they knew it would be the perfect setting for their winery. It was a warm, inviting place where their guests would always feel welcome.

The Wine Lodge itself pays tribute to Northern Ontario’s cottage country, crafted from cedar, stone and glass with a breathtaking view of Toronto across Lake Ontario. Inside you will discover our award-winning wines, meet our passionate team and share our excitement for winemaking.

We invite you to visit our winery year-round to tour and taste or participate in one of our special events. Many of our Fielding wines are only available at the winery or online, please visit our online store for a full listing of our vintages.

Our knowledgeable staff is always available to guide you through tastings, answer any questions you have about our wines and assist you in your selections.

We look forward to welcoming you at the Wine Lodge for a tasting at any time during business hours. Please call 905.563.0668 to book one of our fantastic tours!


Our Vineyards – Fielding Vineyard and Tufford Road Vineyard – are located in different Niagara sub-appellations, the Beamsville Bench and Lincoln Lakeshore respectively.

The unique micro-climates of these sub-appellations combined with the distinguishing characteristics of our vineyards are significant factors in the characteristics of our wines. Each vineyard and every block within each vineyard expresses itself differently. It is our winemakers’ duty to bring out the best from each area.

Sub Appellation Information:

Fielding Vineyard- Beamsville Bench


The Beamsville Bench is a narrow strip of land located along the edge of the Niagara Escarpment. The land is well-sloped which promotes good air flow to combat disease and extends the growing season well into the fall. The clay loam soil and deep limestone base provide good natural drainage. Cooler and prolonged growing seasons are well-suited to making wines with good acid backbone, intensely concentrated flavours in the berries and unmistakable minerality on the finish.

Tufford Road Vineyard- Lincoln Lakeshore


The Lincoln Lakeshore sub-appellation sits halfway between the slopes of the Beamsville Bench and the shoreline of Lake Ontario. Here, our grapes receive a full day of sun exposure and warmer nights, which in turn gives many varieties a much-needed longer growing season. The land also features well-drained sandy loam soil with a high concentration of stone deposits from the ancient lakeshore.