Gay Desert Hot Springs – California

We live in a polarized country where many of us don’t feel welcome. Many of our nation’s politicians are intent on reversing the remarkable progress that the LGBTQ community has made towards full equality. Our employers often don’t respect us or value our contributions. They like to fire us for being honest about ourselves. Many churches preach that our sins are worse than the sins of others. Many of our neighbors don’t want us living next door. Some of us even have families that have disowned us. We sometimes just don’t feel welcome by society.

You are welcome in Desert Hot Springs, California! It’s where members of the LGBTQ community can start new families, can settle down, plant roots and live peaceful lives, can start a career, become involved, retire, volunteer and relax. Members of the LGBTQ community can thrive in Desert Hot Springs. They can live with dignity.


Desert Hot Springs is a straight-friendly desert city of more than 32,000 people in Riverside County, California. Known as “DHS”, it is the fastest growing of the nine cities of the Coachella Valley.  And boy is it growing!

The Coachella Valley is very gay! According to in their article of January 2020, of the top ten gayest places to live in California, the Coachella Valley is home to four. Palm Springs is the gayest place in California. The city of Rancho Mirage is the third gayest, Cathedral City is number four, and Desert Hot Springs is number seven.  The Coachella Valley is an oasis for gay people. It can be difficult to feel alone here.

What sets Desert Hot Springs apart from the other Coachella Valley cities are its housing affordability and sense of community.

People want to live in Palm Springs because of the fun and excitement and resort lifestyle, until they see how much it costs to rent or buy a home there! Homes in DHS often sell for half the cost of the same size home in Palm Springs. We have a mix of brand new developments and established neighborhoods to choose from, and you can still buy a two or three bedroom, two bath home for $300,000 and often less. We have many new housing developments offering brand new homes of all sizes and prices, and many more housing developments are being planned across the city. And, our land is not Indian lease land. You own your land free and clear in DHS.  Our rents are lower too.

DHS is more of a bedroom community.  Our neighborhoods have a mix of gay and straight residents peacefully coexisting. Although we have LGBTQ of all ages and backgrounds, our residents tend to be a little older, a little more mature, and they are at a point in their lives to know what they want.  Many are men and women in their fifties and sixties and older, ready to live calmer, more relaxed lives with much less drama.  We are a community of neighborhoods, not high-rises.  There is no “gay”section of town, we live throughout the city.  On a Friday evening you can host a potluck for the two new guys next door. On Sunday morning, have the two ladies across the street over for coffee and a bagel. And after that, how about a jump in the hot tub with the guys down the block?


DHS has a gay-friendly Mayor and City Council. Our Mayor values dialogue with our community and encourage us to be active in city initiatives. DHS has a gay-friendly City Government with LGBTQ representation in the City workforce at the highest levels. Our City government has sponsored, funded and participated in numerous Pride festivals and events here in DHS, and our Mayor and City Council have even ridden in the Palm Springs Pride Festival. DHS also benefits from a gay-friendly Police Department. Our Chief of Police has been active in promoting town halls for the LGBTQ community where the Police and residents can discuss issues in a calm and friendly environment. Gay residents also serve on City commissions and committees. Because of the openness of the Coachella valley, gays flock here. Because of the openness of our City government, gay residents of DHS can become actively involved in the future of their city. Gay residents can have impact in DHS, and they do.