Hi-Lo Hotel – Portland, OR

Welcome, wanderer, to a beautiful balance of opposites.

A beautiful balance of opposites is exactly what defines Portland luxury. Elegant and effortless, all at the same time. Where intricate details are subdued—stumbled upon and discovered naturally.


The Hi-Lo Hotel, Autograph Collection, is the epitome of this signature, mixing modern and organic, raw and refined, and quality with hospitality through warm, dynamically designed spaces.


The notion of local luxury comes to life amidst the timelessness of our Portland hotel rooms and suites.

You’ll notice an array of high-end, refined elements woven together with raw, rugged materials—think hand-painted wallpaper and Pendleton Woolen Mills accent pillows against a backdrop of concrete beams and reclaimed woods preserved from the building’s original workmanship, left in place for your wandering eye to find.

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Approachably Elevated

Situated in a city that embraces the creative over the commercial, The Hi-Lo Hotel, Autograph Collection, features a beautiful balance of opposites that vie for your attention. Where sincere approachability is met with unmistakably elevated service, amenities, and atmosphere. It’s a singular experience that never compromises on the comforts of home.

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A Display of Diversity

A Northwestern-inspired dining experience centered around seasonal, locally sourced food and beverages, CRAFTpdx’s menu is a display of diversity—a pure reflection of our team’s storied background.

We work intimately with Portland producers and growers to craft breakfast, lunch, dinner, and cocktail menus brimming with creative culinary brilliance. Wander in and excite your senses without ever having to leave our lobby.

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The Perfectly Portland Experience

Expansive, yet intimate. Eclectic, yet approachable. Downtown Portland is a compact hub, where entertainment venues, restaurants, bars, cafes, coffee shops, and pop-ups all mingle together to form a community that’s as inventive as it is welcoming. Here’s a glimpse into what you have to look forward to during your time in The City of Roses.

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Out-of-the-Box Thinkers Invited

Deliberately woven into the fabric of The Hi-Lo Hotel, our meeting rooms in Portland are sure to leave quite the impression. We’ve embraced raw elements in every form—cement, dark brick, wood, brass, marble, and more—along with approachable service and a personalized experience to ensure your meeting, conference, wedding, or social event is anything but average.

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For more information on Hi-Lo Hotel be sure to visit: https://www.hi-lo-hotel.com/.