Hotel On North – Pittsfield, Massachusetts

Some walls are not precisely straight. Ceiling heights vary. No two guest rooms are exactly alike. Every piece of décor was handpicked for its individuality. You can sip cocktails in a birdcage elevator. The word “eat” is tattooed on our chef’s forearm. Your in-room breakfast comes in a galvanized pail. Lightning-fast Wi-Fi beams through exposed brick from the 1880s.

Here in Pittsfield, MA at the very center of The Berkshires, is a 45-room boutique hotel that celebrates character in every way. We’ve used a modern lens to honor the historic buildings we call home, so while whispers of the past echo through the corridors, the vibrant spirit of the hotel draws its life force from the present.

The Berkshires are a special place, filled with artists, artisans, and purveyors who thrive on entrepreneurial spirit and originality. Deep, historic roots can be traced to this region, and yet it’s laced with a refreshingly modern vibe in its dining, culture, design, and industry.

We’ve harnessed that delightfully juxtaposed personality into the Hotel on North, drawing equally on heritage and innovation to preserve the authenticity that has resided in these buildings for more than a century. And we’ve wrapped them with a bow of warm hospitality, layering our own special brand of character into the buildings’ latest incarnation.

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