Hurricane Hill Farm – Cranston, RI


Our 48-acre historic, conservation farm is located in Western Cranston, Rhode Island-once a major farming community in our small state. Now surrounded by modern neighborhoods (where once there were only fields), Hurricane Hill is a throw-back, a hidden place and often, a true surprise, even to long-time Rhode Islanders.

We are a working fiber farm, an events space and a delightful spot to spend a vacation in a cozy farm cottage. We also design and produce functional farm and garden objects inspired by history.

Hurricane Hill is just off 295, 95 and only 15 minutes from Providence. We’re even close to TF Green Airport.

Once you’re here, you’d never know any of that.

Come see why we love it so much.


Today, Hurricane Hill operates as a small-scale fiber farm and provides affordable land access to women farmers. We raise Leicester Longwools, an endangered, historic breed of dual-purpose sheep best known in North America for the breed’s popularity with George Washington. The first president not only raised these sheep at his home farm Mount Vernon but also championed them as the ideal breed for a newly independent America. We are the only registered LL breeders in Rhode Island, and one of only a few in New England. Longwool fleeces are particularly beloved by fiber artists and hand spinners and we sell ours directly to them. We prize our Longwools not only for their decadent fiber, but also for their kind and steady disposition and their ability to lamb and raise their young with a minimum of human intervention. Given that we do not sell our lambs for meat, we tend to breed and lamb later than most. A visit to the farm in late April or May is a virtual guarantee of the sight of sweet small ones following their moms around in one of the upper fields.

Our farm is home to other farm animals as well. We try to make sure that all of them have jobs-or create a product that will help to support our overall farm undertaking. To that end, two llamas guard our sheep and we keep chickens and ducks for eggs and meat. We also have four picky goats who occasionally help with land clearing but mostly just keep us amused. Amusement matters when you manage 48 acres.

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Stay in the farm’s four-bedroom, two-bath farm cottage — available for stays year-round!

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Hurricane Hill provides an affordable, no-frills space for everything from meditation retreats and classes in sustainability to corporate retreats and musical performances but we make our farm available for only a very limited number of weddings and large celebrations. This means that we are dedicated to making those events special for you: we will be on farm the entire time you are and we will provide whatever support we can in whatever way we can.

Both of us have design backgrounds and we know how to throw a good event. That said, we are not party planners or miracle workers; We encourage even the most DIY celebrants to work with others to ensure the best outcomes possible. Finally, Hurricane Hill is a working farm. If you are looking for a Martha Stewart experience, please call her directly, we hear she does good things. 

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things we make, things we grow, things we know

Why we make things here:

Things used to be made well.

They lasted.

They worked.

They stood up to wear, tear and time.

They were passed down from generation to generation.

They were made in America.

It’s time to repeat history.

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