Majuscule Wine – Napa, CA

Big, small. Bold, timid. There really is no counterpart to the word minuscule in English. In French the opposite is majuscule, literally meaning a capital letter. Or in Latin, something rather large though not quite enormous.

The juxtaposition of big and small embodies our wine-making philosophy. We craft big, yet elegant and balanced wines, from exceptional single vineyards in the sub-appellations of the Napa Valley. Our award-winning wines are produced in very small lots with an intense focus on quality.

We specialize in Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon, producing under 500 cases per year. We made two barrels of the first Majuscule wines in 2009 as a side project from the same Mount Veeder vineyard that we source grapes from today. It was a fun endeavor, and we enjoyed sharing the wines with friends.

In 2018, we made Majuscule an official winery, working with our friend Lisa Chu, a longtime grower on Mount Veeder. Majuscule is rooted to her Wildcat Vineyard, situated on steep slopes 1,800 feet above the western side of the Napa Valley. The vineyard is stunning and has several microclimates and clones. It’s challenging to farm, but the extra effort yields incredible results in the bottle.