Rhode Island Red Food Tours

What is a Rhode Island Red Food Tour?

Our 3-3.5 hour walking tours provide a unique opportunity to explore the evolving culinary landscape of Rhode Island while gaining insight into the history, architecture and culture of the state. Our tours support the locally operated eateries, farms, and makers in the community, offering tastings of fresh, creative local foods of the state.

During our tour you will:

  • Experience our cities through food because food tells the story of a neighborhood’s people, history and culture.
  • Savor regional and creative foods & drink from locally owned and operated eateries.
  • Stroll off-the-beaten-path historic neighborhoods and vibrant hotspots where the locals go inNewport Neighborhoods and/or the heartbeat of our Creative Capital in Downcity Providencewhere the arts merge with gastronomy.
  • Learn about important historical sites, cultural folklore and Rhode Island’s architecture.

An enjoyable one-of-a-kind guided tour for Rhode Island natives and visitors alike.

Learn more about Rhode Island Red Food Tours by visiting: https://www.rhodeislandredfoodtours.com/.