Rolling Hills Asylum – East Bethany, NY

Established in 1827, Rolling Hills Asylum in East Bethany, NY was originally known as the Genesee County Poor House, a working farm that soon became a refuge for some of society’s less fortunate. Widows and orphans mingled with the mentally ill and the unclaimed dead were buried on the property.

With over 1,700 documented deaths and hundreds not recorded, it’s no wonder Haunted North America rated it as the second most haunted site in the United States. Featured on shows like Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventurers, Syfy’s Ghost Hunters, Destination America’s Ghost Asylum and Destination Fear, The Official Rolling Hills Asylum is reputed to be one of the most haunted asylums in America. Enter into this 60,000 square foot historic facility and experience it for yourself!

In 1938 the Genesee County Infirmary was added to property and in 1956 a tragic fire burnt down the mens dormitory resulting in a new fireproof wing being added in 1958. By 1964 the facility was a nursing home until closing in 1974 due to lack of water and other issues.

Several private owners attempted various types of businesses, however not one ever lasted longer than ten years on the property. Was it due to bad business plans or unruly spirit activity, no one really knows.

That is… until Sharon Coyle took it over in 2010. Sharon has devoted her blood, sweat, and oceans of tears to keeping the history of the facility alive and for championing the spirits and reminding visitors that the spirits were all living, breathing people, just like you and I. She believes by honoring those that lived, worked, and passed here and by embracing the paranormal activity – she has formed a kinship with the spectral residents and is able to live in harmony with them.

Rolling Hills Asylum is Known for Class “A” evps, disembodied voices – including the screaming lady, shadow people, doors opening and closing, phantom foot steps, people being pushed in wheel chairs, even reports of visitors who are brave enough to lay on the morgue table will often receive CPR by unknown hands!

Do you dare roam the halls alone? Well you can!

Rolling Hills Asylum is open year round and offers historical and flashlight tours, public and private ghost hunts, celebrity events, special events, and more including high school and college groups, bus charters, corporate events and even weddings!

October is known as 31 Nights of Halloween – with over 70 options to book a self guided ghost hunt – some options include a mini tour of the asylum.

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