The Adelphi Hotel – Saratoga Springs, NY

In 1877, The Adelphi Hotel opened its doors to well-heeled vacationers seeking the lap of luxury among the natural spas and springs that made Saratoga a resort destination.

Prominent politicians met with movers and shakers of the day at the famed Adelphi Hotel bar to pen deals bringing horse racing and casinos to the region, and the hotel was once considered a hub of Saratoga society.

Through a visionary redesign, this remnant of 19th-century Saratoga hospitality is reborn, welcoming visitors once again.


The newly renovated structure features a 1,200-square-foot (111-square-meter) glass-walled conservatory housing a restaurant and a new 2,300-square-foot (213-square-meter) grand ballroom.

From the moment you unlock your door to the moment you let in the morning sun, we’ve prioritized unique provisions for a beautiful, well-considered stay.

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