Weddings With a Heart – Rhode Island Weddings & Photography for Same Sex Couples



Yes, we offer our officiant and photography services for LGBT wedding couples in Rhode Island and Cape Cod, and we would be honored to perform your ceremony and handle your photography needs.


It’s been our experience that our gay friends have certain priorities for their wedding, and we think that we are a great fit for their needs. You want a ceremony that is much more than the standard fare: a ceremony that speaks to your love and your journey to arrive at this point in your lives. You want a ceremony that is more intimate, casual and fun when it needs to be, and very romantic and passionate where those feelings need to find a voice.


You don’t want a “git ‘er done” or religious boilerplate ceremony that is so plain brown wrapper and “off the rack” that it puts everyone to sleep, or a ceremony that is considered the thing that has to happen first (and hopefully quickly) so you can get to your reception party.

As a reiki master practitioner, I tend to have quite a bit of empathy with couples who want more experience and less ritual, facilitating a flow of feelings and laughter, love and passion, all incorporated into a painless and intimate mix of wording and vows. I do this because with “normal”, amazing is not possible. I also offer reiki and energy based options for those so inclined.


After all, you are not out to impress anyone. You are there to marry someone; the love of your life!

“Nothing could make me feel closer to you than a wedding day that’s easy – and all ours. There’s something very real and permanent about a big day that’s actually small, where what’s most memorable about the celebration is not the fancy menu or the décor…but the love.” Kristine Gasbarre

A “Twitterpated” experience, hand made in America!

My ceremonies are designed to get you “Twitterpated”!

Urban Dictionary: twitterpated

1) To be completely enamored with someone/something.

2) The flighty exciting feeling you get when you think about/see the object or person of your affection. …

That means that your ceremony will be more that the standard “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to put you to sleep…”!

As reiki masters and healing drummers, our ceremonies can be fun, relaxed, romantic, healing, stress free, and as unique as you are! You don’t have to be stuck with a boiler plate ceremony with numbingly traditional wording or vows. We can retain some of the traditional wording that pulls on those “something old” heart strings, but then step forward into the 20th century for “something new”!

Just think about the possibilities!

If there is one constant in the world of weddings, its utter sameness of the traditional ceremony. After many, many years of performing thousands of wedding ceremonies, I managed to put together quite a library or wordings, vows and readings that are designed to break the rules! (Or at least bend them!)


I can say with confidence that my customized wedding ceremonies are pretty unique in most respects, and with absolute confidence that my style of humor, romance, and intimate connection with both of you during your ceremony will go much further towards having a wedding experience that will be comfortable, relaxed, and fondly remembered for the right reasons!


This will not be a ceremony that puts you to sleep, or leave you feeling that you missed the opportunity to tell each other how deeply you love each other in such a once in your lifetime joining ceremony. It will be painless, mercifully timed for economy without sacrificing those elements of joy, love, and human connection that we all need.


Intimate Weddings, Lot’s of Heart!


Never underestimate the power of a small wedding ceremony! The choice to have an intimate wedding ceremony is rapidly becoming one of the most popular ways to go, and it’s not just because of the sluggish economy. Small weddings are for couples who prefer the freedom to be comfortable and true to themselves, and to experience a much wider gamut of feelings, both felt and shared that are hallmarks of an intimate ceremony, and it’s entirely different from the larger and more traditional weddings that most people are familiar with. It’s for couples who don’t want to get lost in the crowd, who know what they want, and keeping it personal, relaxed and romantic are a high priority.

The focus shifts from the “have to do’s” over to the “want to do’s”, because you’ll never get a “do-over” for when you say your vows to each other. It’s about you, it’s about including the small circle of your closest friends and family, and that’s just fine.

In fact, small and intimate ceremonies are so different and offer such an opportunity for couples that finding the right people to offer services for your wedding and photography can be very important. It can amount to the difference between an OK experience and a fantastic one! After all, anyone can say that they include small wedding services; but viewing a small wedding as simply being less people and commotion than a big wedding would be missing the point! Recognizing the energies and feelings that have the potential to happen requires some skill and experience to facilitate as an officiant, and to capture as photographers. Don Beach has those specialized skills, with many years of experience and many happy couples along the way.

And I’m happy to say that I still hear from most of them!

We are photographers, too!


You should want photography that captures your connections and emotions. Our photography style is geared toward a more intimate experience, stressing the very human connections that we share, and we offer imagery in a variety of formats and styles, including our very unique photo artistic style that looks like a painting!

We also create unique and elegant hand crafted photo artistic imagery by transforming select wedding moments into spectacular heirloom artworks that look great on canvas, metal, calendars, thank you cards, albums and photo books, or on regular printing paper stock. Visit our client gallery website and scroll around to see our work. Any gallery that says “Painting” or “Artistic” are of the painterly style, and are best viewed in slideshow mode for full screen and high resolution.

Location, Location, Location!


You want a location for your joining ceremony that is definitely more than an over commercialized wedding venue that looks like a cross between a limousine dealership, a sale day at David’s Bridal or Men’s warehouse, and a penguin convention, with multiple weddings taking place on any given weekend day. You seek a special location that has fresh, positive and genuine energy, maybe someplace unique and scenic. There are many good “hidden gem” beach and garden locations in our beautiful state and on Block Island that offer romantic and quiet settings for your special event, especially at sunrise and sunset on the coast! I will work closely with you both to create a ceremony that is just as unique as your love for each other, with combined officiant/photography packages that are beautiful, fun, and romantic!

For any couple wishing to proclaim and celebrate their loving relationships grounded in spirit rather than law, we also offer this kind of non-legally binding ceremony, and present you with a nice certificate commemorating this special day for non-legal commitments, along with the actual printed ceremony that joins you together!

Offering Rhode Island LGBT Weddings in Newport, Rhode Island, on Block Island, on Cape Cod, or anywhere in our state, we are uniquely suited to meet your needs!

Feel free to contact me for more information.